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  • Do you know how xanthan is performing in sauces?
  • How are color choices in new formulations developing?
  • In what applications is stevia growing fastest?

Food and beverage innovation is driven at the supply side. Food ingredient suppliers are offering new solutions that will help form the winning food and beverage products of tomorrow. Innovation in flavors, enzymes, stabilizers and multi-functional solutions that can synergistically reduce ingredient lists and reduce costs are helping food product developers meet today's challenging demands. Reformulation, sustainability and coping with the natural trend are just some of the big challenges that formulators are faced with today.

Innova Market Insights is your source to understand ingredient innovation and help identify the right suppliers for your next winning product. With a history of tracking ingredient innovation that traces back to the early 90s, we know what manufacturers need and how suppliers can help them. Through our origins in publishing The World of Food Ingredients, we connect with the ingredient world on a daily basis and are in the know about all the latest and upcoming developments in R&D.