We separate the trends from the fads and provide actionable insights, so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

We understand markets and identify the new trends and opportunities that you can be the first to exploit. Whether you need the latest insights on patent activity, literature, technology, new products, packaging, consumer insights or markets, Innova will inform you.

Our regular service includes the publication of Briefing Series reports that cover key topics ranging from category overviews to general trend observations. But we can partner with both customers and non-customers in creating customized reports to help navigate you through the food & beverage market maze. Our reports cater to all aspects of our complex industry.

  • New Products - how have traditional brands responded to the increase in competition in both the super budget and super premium space?
  • IP - what is occurring in the field of alternative protein research?
  • Regulatory - what impact is the EFSA health claims environment having on EU new product activity in the functional foods space?
  • Technology - how has the rise of high pressure processing impacted development in the juice market?
  • Packaging - despite the hype, what has been the actual uptake in recycled and biodegradable plastics by major manufacturers?
  • Consumer Insights - what does "sustainability" really mean to consumers and what impact will ethical marketing have in encouraging them to choose your product?
  • Markets - how large of a market opportunity does the rise in obesity and diabetes in Asia present to western healthy food product manufacturers?