World Packaging Online

  • Do you know which markets show the greatest growth in innovative aseptic packaging?
  • What can add a “sustainable” edge to your product?
  • Which closures allow easy opening, but maintain safety?

New packaging innovations are hitting the market on a daily basis, offering added advantages in convenience, functionality, design or sustainability. In recent years, however, shopper studies have revealed that customers are taking less time to make a product choice in their local store. Now it takes just 2 seconds for that “moment of truth” – where the consumer notices the product on the store shelf.

With World Packaging Online [WPO], we are your eyes and ears. We filter the universe to provide you with only the launches that are notably groundbreaking, and that you and your colleagues should know about.

WPO is an effective way to scan the global packaging market for game changing ideas. Our professional network, present in over 75 countries, picks the best packaging ideas and technologies for you. This keeps you informed as to how your category is performing and what your competitors are doing. With WPO you will be better able to meet your objectives and generate great results for the rest of your marketing and NPD team.