Consumer behavior is central to a new product's chances of success. By monitoring what influences consumer values and attitudes, we're able to identify trends that explain the world we live in today and what we can expect to see in the years ahead. Our team of insights specialists help you understand, monitor and apply these trends on an ongoing basis - at a local or global level.

Our on the ground network is also key to our success in understanding the consumer. Out network works as a dedicated team to scout for products and trends, company and retail intelligence, isolating the key developments in their region for your easy access and convenience.

Regional trends can quickly gather pace and go global. By analyzing their findings with true insights, we can help you stay ahead of the curve. Will a probiotic juice in Brazil hold consumer potential in Mexico? Could a natural fruit snack be adopted in the US? Our consumer insights knowledge helps you to consider these key questions and understand market potential.

Our team knows what they are looking for and how to understand information that is not always presented in generally accessible ways.

For the hard to find, sometimes you just have to ask. We can help you:

  • Set up quantitative surveys of consumers, either one-off or longitudinal.
  • Undertake targeted surveys (by phone or email) among manufacturers or retailers.

Our experienced team, based in all major markets can help you design research protocols, find locally-based market research facilities, and undertake research analysis: as much or as little as you need. Or you can ask our experts for their own opinions. Why not take advantage of their decades of experience and knowledge?