Our platforms and services have been growing in popularity since they were debuted in 1994. Through organic growth and targeted acquisitions, we have strategically expanded our presence around the world. Innova Market Insights is unique in its focus on the food and beverage and personal care business offering, a unique breadth and depth of resource with an unrivalled reputation for data quality. During this period of innovation in supporting technology, we have quickly interpreted the best advances for our customers around the world. For new product, consumer and market data, you can rely on us.

1994 A picture tells a thousand words

1995Developing software to manage our circulation

1996Presenting groups of products while exploring successful positionings and product trends

1997Growing international trade fueled the need for deeper in-country research and market insights

1998We were the first to present reports for and about China

2000Food Ingredients

2001Data moved to SQL for maximum stability.

2003Eye tracking and Design Focus for maximum user satisfaction, navigation and intuitiveness

2004Food Valley

2005Taste the Trend, bigger space at IFT Food Expo.

2006FAST initiative: User centric development. Maximum speed in search

2007Increased focus on packaging

2009Visualization...helping users see the big picture.

2010Dynamic Desktop-Design Focus.

2011Consumer Surveys

2013Product Retrieval

2014Integrating our platforms

2016Facilitating collaboration