The approach

  • We deliver all our products and services with the highest level of company ethics and respect for the environment. We monitor this continuously so we maintain our standards.
  • We develop our colleagues and contribute positively to their quality of life.
  • In everything we do we try to minimize the impact on the environment. From simple things to moving to only LED lights and window shades to reduce energy costs overall.
  • We continue to seek out solutions which are innovative and sustainable. We believe our commitment to cloud computing reduces our carbon footprint and is a net positive for the environment. We have planted trees to offset the carbon footprint of our data servers.
  • We look for ways to reduce waste in every office and reduce unnecessary travel as much as possible.

A positive legacy

  • We preserve and protect the environment in every way we can.
  • We create sustainable employment with the best conditions. We develop people.
  • We have contributed to environmental conservation programs.